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Rösti with Gruyere Cheese

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Put down that mediocre hash brown recipe passed down from Granny and pick up this crazy awesome side dish. By tradition a Rösti is Swiss side dish made with raw grated potato, but I'm not traditional in many senses, and this recipe is one I've nailed down over the years. By parboiling the potatoes, grating them and then rinsing them you will wash away some of the starch and you will avoid a pile of potato mush with cheese. Sure the name of this dish sounds fancy, but once people are shoving this in their face, no one will give a damn.

This recipe makes one large Rösti and serves 1-4. I'll be honest though, once you try this, it'll be a "one for me, one for you" type of night. Serve this with salt and pepper, fried egg or whatever you want. This isn't one of those "healthy" potato dishes, so go crazy. Enjoy!

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