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  • What is Mad City Chefs Meal Kits?
    You are ordering a planned, ingredient prepared and directed Meal Kit. It is a weekly meal subscription service. Customers recieve freshly prepared ingredients to help you prepare restaurant quality meals right in your home. We save you the time of finding recipes, planning, portioning and prepping your meals.
  • How The Heck Does This Work?
    1. PICK YOUR PLAN. 2. CHOOSE DELIVERY LOCATION. 3. PAY. 4. EAT. Well, it's close to that easy! We accept orders within 1 week of your desired delivery date. You can order multiple weeks or subscribe for a weekly delivery. Each order is due 7 days prior to the desired Monday/Tuesday, before midnight. If you are ordering multiple individual weeks, you can specify which weeks are desired. If you have any questions, please reach out!
  • Where and When Can I Get My Meal Kit?
    We are now delivering to all of Dane County! We have weekly scheduled deliveries to the UW-Helath Clinics in Verona and Belleville. This delivery option is only allowed for UW-Health Employees, Residents and affiliated programs. *If you would like to donate meals, please contact us at Meals will be delivered every Monday and Tuesday(other than Holiday Weeks) before 5pm. IF YOU ARE RECEIVING A HOME DELIVERY, PLEASE LEAVE A COOLER OUT IN FRONT OF DELIVERY DOOR WITH ICE PACKS.
  • Is every single ingredient included in the bag?
    Almost. Most recipes require basic things like oil, butter, flour, salt and pepper, which you will need to have in your pantry. Some may require perishable items like milk or eggs. LIST OF PANTRY ITEMS In order to prepare homemade meals you will need to have a number of items readily available, including a kitchen and running water! Here are a list of basic items you should have on hand. We will let you know on the recipe card which items will be needed for each recipe. PANTRY INGREDIENTS Salt and Pepper Oil Flour Sugar Condiments Eggs SUPPLIES Cooking Spray Paper Towels Foil Plastic Wrap Parchment Paper Instant Read Thermometer Colander/Strainer COOKWARE Sauce Pans: • Small or medium-size sauce pan • Stock pot or 5-quart saucepan Fry Pan: 10-inch frying/sauté pan, preferably oven-proof Roasting Pan: Standard or Dutch oven BAKEWARE Cake Pans Baking Dishes: 9 by 13-inch and 8 by 8-inch Baking Sheets with Rim (Jelly Roll Pans) CUTLERY Cutting Board Chef knife (keep it sharp!) Paring knife Kitchen Scissors UTENSILS Grater Spatula (the kind to flip things on the stove) Rubber Spatula (the kind for scraping out bowls) Stir spoon Tongs Rolling Pin (or a tall wine bottle will do)
  • What happens if something is missing from my box, or an ingredient is bad, or a squirrel gets into my order?
    Please let us know at We will get a replacement out to you within 24 hours.
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