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Who knew a lifetime of athletics, collegiate swimming and an academic focus in nutrition and athletic training would lead me to this career path and ultimate passion for cooking.


At the age of five, this serious chef-in-waiting could be found on the kitchen floor with my twin brother mixing eggs and flour intuitively assuming a pancake would form. it did not take long for that passion to lead me to the kitchen where i conducted early culinary trials and skills emulating my parents creations. These trials and tenacious attitude would lead me to regularly prepare three course meals and innovative entrees and recipes in the catering and culinary world.


As a native of the rural farm town of Mt. Horeb, our family transformed a patch of land into an extensively diverse garden with many herbs, vegetables, and a variety of other ground bounty. my mother and father both excelled in the kitchen and fed my interest for cooking which helped push me in the direction of the kitchen.


Parental expectations and a collegiate swimming career mandated me to a formal education at UW-LaCrosse, and a short career as a personal trainer and nutritional design consultant for professional level and collegiate level athletes, but after four years and the end of my successful swimming career, i could not quiet my spirit. Persistent on pursuing a career as a personal trainer and nutritional consultant i  left school with no more than the money in my pocket. I did many odd jobs which finally landed me in the restaurant industry and helped with my underlying passion for the culinary world.


First i was immersed into the bar scene. I found that bartending was extremely fun and helped find my creative side of concocting drinks. between the passion of the culinary side of the restaurant and mixology portion things started click. I wanted to be a professional chef and mixologist all-in-one. I worked myself into an italian kitchen which helped master some fine Italian cuisine, flavors and techniques.  I continued to bartend on the side, and to this very day, to feed my need to create and pair cocktails with food and culture. 


After being immersed in the culinary world, I started cooking for some of the athletes in order to teach them a useful skill in the kitchen and to show that healthy food doesn't have to taste bland. this lead to the creation of my first "business" "Buena Cosecha", which literally translates to "good harvest". the reason for the name highlighted is due to my fondness of latin cuisine, drink and culture. Unfortunately my business skills were lacking to say the least. so....


After a short hiatus on the educational path to excellence, I decided to go back to business school to solidify my business plan to become a well rounded entrepreneur in the culinary world. This lead to the Creation of  Mad City Chefs. 


Attention to detail and a progressive philosophy regarding food, style and atmosphere have helped me pursue innovative cuisine and create a specific flare that is unique and very successful.


In spare time, I enjoy traveling, skiing and exploring new cuisine while trying to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. in addition, I am also an aspiring adrenaline junkie in my other, other spare time.


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